About The Artist...

Madeleine Greeson is a local artist living and working in Steamboat Springs, CO. She began her artistic journey 5 years ago when she first moved to the valley, intrigued by Routt County’s beautiful landscapes, deep snow, and unique mountains. Interested in gemstones, fossils, and specimens at a young age, she fell in love with Colorado's unique rock formations, prehistoric quartz river beds, and the surrounding area’s geological history. Madeleine finds much inspiration for her art from her local peers, friends, and artists alike, and enjoys teaching jewelry classes and intertwining her love of community with her need for expression. 
Message from the Artist--
'By incorporating my love of the old and ancient into my art, I created Paragon & Bone. A small, locally owned and operated handmade jewelry company specializing in bone, gemstone, and hammered/mixed-metal pieces. Melding my interest in the natural world and the antediluvian, I take what I have learned from my research in history and lore and in turn am able to create pieces that are reminiscent of a more ancient and prolific time. Through my process I hope to instill an intrigue and passion in those that wish to gain a deeper knowledge of metalwork, jewelry design, and the ancient techniques that allowed them to be.'